Cinders Has Been Homed


Cinders was born on 16th October 2013 and has now been rehomed – 30/9/19.

She has settled into home life, like she has been there for years! Cinders has been a very clean girl inside the home and has learnt a command word for going to the toilet in the garden, what a quick learner she is!

Cinders with her foster brother Rocky.

Cinders can walk nicely on a lead when she is wearing a Canny Collar.

She loves going out exploring new places, she can be a little sneaky and keeps a careful eye out for those little fur babies or what we would call cats! She still thinks it would be a good game to chase them if they dare to move infront of her. I think some more training is needed here, I don’t think a cat would be wise in her adoptive house!

Cinders on an adventure!

Cinders is a girl who loves to play with a soft toy or chasing her tail round and round.  She will have you laughing over her funny antics.  Cinders can also be affectionate and will ask for a cuddles where she will lap up all the attention!

She likes her squeaky toys favouring a musical octopus and will enjoy a game of tug of war if she can find a human brave enough to take her on! She is considerate of your fingers when taking the rope before giving her best shot at holding on to it until you give in!

Each day she is becoming more and more confident with her new surroundings, she can be like a magpie and will have a go at pretending human trainers are actually hers and you will often find them on her bed with other household items!

Cinders can be rather sneaky in a rather cute little way, she likes to sneak onto the settee and admire herself in the mirror, leaving wet nose Banksy prints! She loves being centre of attention and lots of cuddles/kisses from her human friends. A few manners still to be taught to her but our Cinders is making good progress.

Love reading a newspaper? So does Cinders, perhaps you could share yours with her! Cinders loves to rip her favourite parts out of the paper and is very pleased with herself afterwards. Who needs scissors when Cinders is around!

Love going away in your campervan/caravan?

Cinders with big brother Rocky off on their holiday!

Lucky Cinders is already enjoying this luxury, a little unsure to begin with and the thought of camping in the rain was a little out of her comfort zone! Where’s the doggie hotel? But as she settled in, she and her foster brother were eager to explore the woods and fields.

What will they find?

Cinders has met horses who seemed to like her but as with her other friends, she’s happy being on the other side of the fence.

She bumped into deer whom she liked the look of but didn’t pull towards them and lots of squirrels and doggies.

Over her time away in the camper van Cinders loved to lay outside and watch the world go by (being very nosey at other campers) over a bowl of water and treats.

Cinders would suit an adult only home or one with teenagers. She would be fine as an only pet or a companion to a greyhound or other breed of dog that was medium/large sized.

Cinders enjoying a little snooze in the shade.

Whilst out and about Cinders is meeting lots of new doggie friends, she is responding to her handler and will look to them for guidance. Cinders isn’t that keen on dogs running up to her or jumping at her, she will tell them off and tell them how they should behave.

She is learning recall with the aid of lots of treats, this is a new concept for her, having not worked for treats before but she has done very well at her doggy class especially when the instructor let go of her lead and she walked calmly to her handler after the “come” command.

Cinders is now ready for a family to rehome her so she can show them her true fun, loving character.

No cats please.

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