Cody Has Been Homed


Cody greyhound

Cody has been homed.

He is a tall, friendly and very handsome white and blue, castrated male who was born in March 2007.

After some initial excitement Cody walks along nicely on a lead. He’s rather keen to head out though and he does pull at these times.

Cody has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around those he meets that are on a lead. He will need further socialisation in respect of small running dogs, so caution, correction and a muzzle are still required at this stage. He’d suit being a companion to another dog of Collie size and above.

Cody has come to us from a home environment where circumstances have changed to make it impossible to keep him. He is with us through no fault of his own and we hope to see him find a forever home before too long.

Cody travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings.

Ideal in a family home with a canine companion and children aged 7 years and over.



2 thoughts on “Cody

  1. Most gorgeous boy I ever did see. Positive that he’ll be snapped up by one very lucky family!

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