DJ Has Been Homed


DJ has been homed.

DJ Greyhound male

He is a short, but stocky, friendly, fun and affectionate white and black castrated male who was born in September 2007.

DJ has come to us due to a change of family circumstances and through no fault of his own. He is familiar with home life and we’d really like to see this lad back in a home situation before to long. DJ has lived as an only pet in a home with children and we feel he’d be best with children aged 7 years and over simply because he’s a lively and playful boy who could inadvertently send very young children flying just through his enthusiasm for life.

DJ walks nicely on a lead once his initial excitement has worn off, he travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings. He has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around them. He’d be fine to be an only pet or as a companion to another canine of medium size and above.

Not safe around horses. The same may apply around cattle and/or other livestock.

DJ loves to play with toys and he has mastered “fetch” to the point that he actually does fetch the ball back to you rather than just run off and hide it into his bed like most of our residents do.

DJ is absolutely terrified of walking on shiny floors (e.g., polished tiles or shiny laminate flooring). He can manage matt/slip resistant/vinyl hard floors however.

No cats or small fluffies please.

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