Giant Has Been Homed


Giant has been homed – 6.7.24.

Giant is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived in our care on 21st February 2024 and he was born on the 1st of July 2020.

He is a friendly, larger than life chap who is looking for his own family. Giant has oodles of character and he really is a pup in an adults body, he is such a friendly, cuddle bunny!

Giant enjoys being outside and around people, no sad day with this boy around. If you are someone who enjoys the outside then this chap is your man!

This lad walks nicely on the lead but can use a little bit of his strength when he gets excited or sees one of those furry tree rats!  He just loves visiting new places and always has a smile on that gorgeous face.

He loves getting into a car for his outings and will settle down quickly, we are working with him on waiting to get out of the car upon arrival as he is so excited he just wants to be outside again!

Giant would either prefer a home of his own or one with a female greyhound/other large breed of dog to share it with.  He could live with children over the age of ten, due to his size and excitement.

This boy has been assessed with other breeds of dog, he really just wants to say ‘hello’ to everything and everyone!  The lad sometimes forgets how big he is compared to other dogs and just needs to control his playful excitement which he is starting to correct himself.  We are working with him on how to greet smaller dogs from a distance, as he really doesn’t understand what they are and his size can make them wary of him.  Giant is enjoying his additional training walks ‘in public places’ where he is practising how to greet other dogs in a slowed down way!

His new owner now needs to continue this training by meeting and greeting a range of dogs up close and far away.  He is very responsive to his handler and listens well as he wants to please you, especially if there is food around!

Giant just loves to have fun with you and his toys, his favourite toy has got to be the tennis ball, followed shortly by ‘stop the rolling football or catch the flying teddy!’

After all this excitement and exercise Giant doesn’t want anything else but a ‘special, quiet time’ with his human friends.  The boy could spend all day having cuddles if you had time for it, but he knows ‘us’ humans have to work too so after an extended special time with his own humans he will retire to his bed for a good snooze, saving up his energy for the next round later on!  Giant is usually found upside down on the doggie sofa!

Giant is learning about home life and the outside world, noises in the home don’t seem to faze him and he quite likes to watch the T.V especially if it is showing the countryside or animals!  Being a little taller Giant can reach the kitchen worktops with his nose so beware you don’t want to leave any food lying around as he just simply adores his food!

This cheeky chap LOVES food and will do anything for it, all bowls are shiny after he has finished his meal!  Giant is learning to wait until his food has been put down before he is allowed to start eating, he is picking up this new trick fairly quickly.  His new owner will need to watch his waistline once he is at his correct weight, as I don’t think Giant will be watching it!

This boy isn’t an early riser and could quite happily spend the extra time having a snooze on the sofa but he will keep one beady eye open just in case you go out for walks without him!

Giant is now housetrained and knows he needs to go into the garden, he is learning how to inform his foster mummy when he needs to go.

Do you enjoy walking in the countryside?  Giant could be the chap for you.  How can you not resist that puppy face and those gorgeous eyes!

Make Giant’s day by asking to see him and of course that special A word!

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