Giggle Has Been Homed


Giggle’s was born on 17th August 2014 and has now been homed.

She is a small, very friendly, black female. Giggle’s is a gentle girl who just loves to have a fuss and be around people.

Giggle’s loves to play and will chase after you, she is learning how much fun she can have with toys.

She enjoys her walks and will walk very nicely next to you enjoying all that she sees.  Giggle’s travels well in a car, she does require support getting in but once in enjoys visiting new places with a big waggy tail!

Giggle’s loves her food, especially fish and mealtimes are over in a flash! She is also very gentle taking treats from your hand.

She could live with children over the age of 8 years, she could be an only dog or a companion to another dog of any size. Giggle could be left for several hours whilst somebody was at work.

She is new into the kennels, as of 1/4/19, as we get to know her better more information will be made available.

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