Sparrow Has Been Homed


Sparrow was born on 15th April 2014 and has now been homed – 11/1/20.

He is a medium sized, affectionate, dark brindle male.

Sparrow enjoys going out for his walks and will trot along beside you. He enjoys visiting new places and takes everything in his stride.  He is a quick learner and has learnt how to get in a car all by himself!

He loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles. He loves his food and will eat his meals very nicely for you.  Sparrow is learning the command ‘wait’ which we are using in the house and at food times with him.

Sparrow could be homed as a companion to a female greyhound or larger breed in a home of his own. He enjoys the company of other male greyhounds but can get a little dominant if allowed to, especially around which bed to sleep in, we are working with him on this in foster care.  Sparrow enjoys his crate time and knows that this is his own space.  His new owners will need to carry on training and giving him clear set boundaries to follow.

He would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst someone worked. Sparrow could be homed with teenagers, he loves to be active and mentally stimulated and he would quite happily be your walking buddy!

This lad is now housetrained and crate trained, Sparrow is young at heart and can be a bit of a lad, he needs clear leadership and a NO nonsense owner is a MUST for this boy.  Being young he will push the boundaries but he listens and responds very well to commands.  Sparrow is a quick learner and he just wants to please his new owners.

Sparrow loves to play and will quite happily amuse himself with toys. He has a favourite toy, he would play with a tennis ball all day if he could. He has learnt to catch one mid air, what a clever boy he is!. Sparrow is now learning to share his toys with his human friend so they can be thrown again for him, he is a quick learner and allows his close friends to take them from him.

Sparrow has met other breeds of dog and needs further training around smaller breeds before he will fully accept them as friends.  He continues to be trained weekly around other dogs whilst out on walks and at his training sessions, he listens to his handler and responds well to commands given, Sparrow will now stand next to his handler whilst a small dog is close by without reacting  We will update this as he progresses with his training.

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