Hannah Has Been Homed



Hannah has been homed.

This young lady would be ideally suited to an active couple, as she can play, play and play again! Hannah adores toys, she collects them up just like a magpie. All you need to do is persuade her to store them in her toy box….we have not quite managed this yet.  She also loves a game of football, she is fast so she will keep you on your toes if you want to see that ball!

Being young this little girl needs direction and firm boundaries.  A no nonsense owner is a must for this girl.  Hannah with boundaries will blossom into a wonderful family pet.


Her wish list would comprise of an experienced sighthound owner, being the only pet in the home or she could live with another dog providing she has enough space to call her own and someone around to keep her amused for at least part of the day.

She loves to play with water, a cheeky girl she is.  The video below is of Hannah having fun.

Water play

She would suit a couple or a family with children aged 16 years and over as she can get a little “mouthy” during play sessions and this could frighten young children.

Hannah walks very nicely on a lead, she travels well and loves her food too.

Hannah new

Hannah – a short video of Hannah and little Chloe in the yard.

Hannah can walk on laminated floor, carpet and tiled flooring with confidence.  She can also go up and down stairs very quickly.  In a home environment Hannah is very inquisitive and loves to know what is going on. Keep an eye on this girl, as in the kitchen she’s a bit of a “tea leaf” if you turn your back!

No cats please.

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