Jack Has Been Homed


Jack has been homed – 12.9.23.

Jack is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived in our care on 13th August 2023 and he was born on the 26th August 2018.

Jack is very friendly, enjoys a good cuddle and lean too!  He enjoys visiting new places and is always keen to explore somewhere new.  This may be a different walk, friends house – meeting fellow greyhounds or going into a cafe or pub, where he is made a fuss of and even given some doggie treats too!

This lad has mastered the talent of jumping into the car so he can enjoy walks further afield.  At times this boy may try to trick you and look like he can’t jump into the car but that is just a cover, don’t be fooled!  Jack enjoys a car ride and settles down nicely whilst you are driving, waiting patiently for you to stop so the walk can begin!

Jack has been very good with his toileting, in the house, he asks his human friends when he needs to go, either by lots of sniffing or pacing close to the outside door.  He has very quickly understood the house rules.

Jack enjoys being around his human and canine friends, he will quite often come into a room to see what everyone is doing before taking himself off for a quiet snooze.  This lad is crate trained and is quite often found in one.  Jack would prefer a quiet corner to snooze in or within a crate that he can call his own.

He has shown no interest in jumping up at cabinets but that doesn’t mean he won’t if there is some tasty treats on the side!

Jack enjoys his meals and will show you his appreciation by always giving you a clean, empty bowl!  This boy knows his name, he waits patiently for his food and will come to you when it is his turn to be fed.  Clever boy he is!

He enjoys his walks but then enjoys a good rest afterwards.  Jack loves to please his human friends and always is very pleased to see you and others out on walks.  He is good on a lead and walks very nicely next to you, no pulling with this chap!

Jack has shown some interest in teddies but he loves to play bow with you or a canine friend, in the house, garden and even in the sand pit!

Jack in the sand pit.

This lad is such a chilled out boy, happy all the time and such a cutie too.  Everyone who meets him can’t resist falling in love with him.  Jack will try to sit on his human friends lap, especially if you sit on the floor with him!

Jack enjoys his 1:1 time when being brushed, which he quite likes especially that ticklish part of the neck!  He is still learning about a toothbrush and what it is meant to do but he does enjoy a good bone or hairy ear to clean those teeth with too!

Jack with volunteer Hilary at a summer show.

He is fine to be left in the house for a few hours, he can be left on his own or with his greyhound friends.  This lad is also crate trained but is equally happy to be left out with a nice comfy bed.

Jack would prefer a house with either teenagers or an adult only one, he loves people but also enjoys his quieter time, where he can snooze without the noise of little people around!

Outside stairs/steps and different floors – inside and out are no problem for the boy.

Jack has met a variety of other breeds on walks, up close, bouncing around him, sniffing others, watching other dogs run freely, this chap takes it all in his stride and meets them all very politely.

He is not phased by traffic and is confident to walk in a variety of places.  When he is a little unsure he will look at his human friends for reassurance before he continues with walking on.

Jack has already been neutered and is ready to go into his new home.

Don’t miss out on this gentle boy, give us a call and arrange that meeting.

This chap will not be around for long!

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