Lottie Has Been Homed


Lottie black and white bitch Lottie has been homed. She is a tall, but leanly built, un-raced (although she has been trained to race), black and white, spayed bitch who was born in July 2011. Lottie is a gentle girl, surprisingly mature in her behaviour for one so young. In fact she’s capable of being stubborn. She doesn’t like the rain and can be difficult about going out when it is wet. She’s sociable with other greyhounds and a variety of non greyhound breeds as well. Lottie has passed our cat test. With further training and caution we feel that she would learn to live safely with cats. Lottie travels well in a car although we have not tested her yet in respect of getting in and out since the only time she has travelled has so far been to the vet for neutering and back. Jumping in and out of cars with abdominal stitches in is not recommended. Lottie spent some recovery time in emergency foster care as she reacted poorly to anaesthesia, but she is absolutely fine now. In the home, once fully conscious she was clean, quiet and able to be left without problems. She has no interest in toys currently. She is the daughter of the recently homed Lance, now Lurch.

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