Ninja Has Been Homed


Ninja has been homed – 16.4.22.

Ninja sadly came back into our care on the 27th February 2022, through no fault of his own.  We are hoping we can find him his truly deserved home very soon.  If you would like to visit Ninja please get in contact.

Ninja is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 27th February 2022 and he was born on the 11th July 2016.

He is a friendly, happy chap, who is looking for a family of his own.

Ninja has been in a home environment prior to joining our kennels, before this he was a racing boy and when he retired he lived in a home with his racing owner.

This very sweet, small boy is house trained, he already understands the rules of the house and he craves to be back in a home with his new family.

Ninja is a smart boy and needs boundaries, he craves for routine and structure.  He will need an owner who is consistent with rules and boundaries and in this environment he will blossom!

He is an affectionate happy chap who enjoys the company of people and loves to have gentle cuddles with you!

This boy has such a funny character and every minute he will show you a different side, never a dull moment with this chap around!

This sweet lad occasionally suffers from corns on his front paws, this is a common occurrence, seen in recently, retired greyhounds.  Please do not be put off by this, it is very common and very easy to keep on top of, no expensive vet bills!

Treatment for corns is easy to maintain so the greyhound can still have a restful, enjoyable retirement with their new family!  It certainly doesn’t stop Ninja from carrying on a normal life!

We will support any new family taking on a greyhound with corns, with advice on how to maintain, creams that work well with keeping the pads soft, advice on good boots for the greyhound to wear and how to remove a corn.  If the adoption family are local we will offer to hull the corn for them on a regular basis if they would prefer.

Ninja has some rather lovely socks (made by one of our volunteers and can be purchased from our on-site shop) that he wears whilst the cream is soaking in.  He enjoys his special time as he gets extra cuddles and nice treats! Corns are easy to remove and can be out within a few minutes.  Keeping his pads soft, will reduce the occurrence of any corn.  You really wouldn’t know that Ninja had corns as he behaves just like any other dog!

This enjoyable lad enjoys going out for walks and will trot along beside you.  Ninja enjoys visiting new places and takes everything in his stride. He happily wears his boots on his front two feet and enjoys finding all the latest smells.  He may have his head in the undergrowth more than it is in the air at times! He is a quick learner and wants to please his handler, he really is a dinky greyhound who just wants to be loved.  You can’t but love him and his cheekiness!

He loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles.  Ninja also enjoys finding out what you are doing and tries to give a helping paw!   This cheeky lad knows where the kitchen is and what yummy treats come out of it, if you ever can’t find this chap then always try there first!

Ninja has a good appetite, he may pretend he doesn’t like his food so he can see what else is on offer.  We all know he loves his food by his little round body!  His new owner will need to keep an eye on his waistband to ensure he isn’t getting too chunky!

This lad could be homed as a companion to another dog or in a home of his own. Ninja would quite like a girlfriend to play with and snuggle up to but he could also live with another male who wasn’t too dominant.

Ninja has met our small dog friend Chloe, he was not quite sure what this small, talkative creature was to start with, however after a few minutes of watching her he sussed out that she was just another dog but a lot smaller!

Ninja with Chloe and Holly.

He now needs to go out and see other dogs from a distance as well as up close so he can continue to see and meet new dogs and become friends with many more.

Ninja meeting Holly the puppy!

He would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst someone worked. Ninja could be homed with older children, he loves to be active and mentally stimulated and he would quite happily be your walking buddy!

Ninja loves to play and will quite happily run after thrown toys and will select which ones he would like to pick up and run off with!

This lad maybe small but he can still run around as fast as he’s taller greyhound friends!  Ninja is like a rocket, always surprising you what he can do!

If you are after a smaller, companionship dog then Ninja is the one for you, he is just adorable.  He will certainly get some attention as he walks down the road with you, he’s striking colours and smiley face will draw in the looks!

Ninja would be ideal for a family with older children or an adult only home or one that just wants a quieter, smaller greyhound and one that walks nicely on the lead, all he wants to do is love and please you.

Do you have soft toys that are no longer needed, Ninja will be able to help with that!

Do you feel your house isn’t big enough for a greyhound?  Ninja is the special one that you need!

If you are looking for a greyhound with oodles of character, a softie that loves cuddles and kisses then Ninja is your boy?

Give us a call and arrange a viewing, this chap is a must to see!

If you would like to know more or are interested in him please phone our adoption line on 07769348310.

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