Pongo Has Been Homed


Pongo has been homed – 5.12.20.

Pongo is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 14th November 2020 and he was born on the 10th September 2016.

He is a giant sized, solidly built, black, male with a friendly and gentle disposition.  Pongo has settled into kennel life well with us and is enjoying life to the full!

A real peoples dog, Pongo is very happy to just spend time near you and have a fuss. He is a big teddy bear, who loves to be with people.  He would love his own home with his very own comfy bed.  He has learnt our kennel routine fast and just wants to please you, he is a very fast learner, no tricking this lad!

This chap loves his food, he sometimes can’t wait for his food to be placed in his stand before he starts to eat it!  I think he is going to need to watch his waist line with all those home comforts he will have!

Pongo just loves to be with people, he enjoys his cuddles, grooming sessions and more snuggles with his human friends.  He sometimes forgets how big he is, as he snuggles into you, watch out for one of his sneaky kisses and he may even try to sit on your lap too!

He loves getting into a car for his outings and will settle down nicely once inside ready for the off!  Do you enjoy the outdoors?  If so this boy is one for you, walking or even jogging this lad will enjoy, just as long as he is with you.

Pongo can be strong on the lead at times, although we walk him on a Canny Collar which makes handling him when he is excited a lot easier.

This lad is trainable, but he does need clear and consistent boundaries that are adhered to. We are happy, if he is homed locally to support his new family with some behaviour training and techniques that work for this lad.

We will continue to work with Pongo on his socialisation side, with other dogs, allowing him time to practice the skills he will need when he finds his own home.  We have started to take Pongo off site, away from the kennels, for some extra walks around other dogs.  Pongo is always ready for another walk, he now will stand nicely while you put his lead on and enjoys being out in the countryside.

He is learning that dogs come in all shapes and sizes from a far and up close (1 to 2 meters away).  Pongo will need his new owner to carry on training him but he can stand still next to his handler whilst another dog goes past or while a conversation is had with another dog owner.  He hasn’t quite worked out what a small, fluffy, running, noisy thing is yet and would quite happily chase it if he was allowed, however he is easy to correct and just needs an owner to carry on this training.  If Pongo continue to learn fast about ‘life outside of kennels’, then he will be further along, in his training, time his new family find and adopt him.

Pongo enjoying a walk with his greyhound friends in the woods.

No cats or small fluffies please.  He could live with another dog of medium to large size and above if correct socialisation was carried out first.   Pongo could live with children of 8 years and above due to his size and strength, however this age restriction could change, after seeing a family with Pongo.

Pongo loves a little game of football, he has started to show us his love for soft cuddly toys too.  He also loves playing chase with a human companion to play with him.  Could he be the dog for you?  He is very helpful at the kennels at tidy up time and will take the toys one by one from the yard to his bedroom!

Any room in there for you Pongo?!

Pongo would love a viewing and we hope you are not put off by his strength and chase instinct, he is trying really hard to listen to his handler as he really would love a home of his own before Christmas.  He has come so far in such a small time with us, we are confident he will continue learning all the skills he needs, which will help him find that family of his own.  Pongo has calmed considerable already, in such a small amount of time and by being consistent with training methods he will continue to learn the skills he needs to become that family loved pet.

Can you help him?  Do you have room in your house for a greyhound size teddy bear?  Please come and see him, you will fall in love with this cheeky chap.

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