Poppet Has Been Homed



Poppet was born on 9th of October 2012.  She was homed on 28/2/15.

She is a small size, friendly, white and brindle, female.  Poppet is an unraced greyhound who is quite young, loves cuddles and gives lots of kisses!

Poppet loves going for walks and she walks very nicely.


She is happy to jump into the car for her outings and settles down nicely ready for the off!

Being young Poppet would be best suited as a companion to a male greyhound and, or to a family where somebody was around for part of the day.  She would be able to live with children over the age of 8 years.

Poppet has met other breeds of dog and would be fine to live with them of any size she is also ok with other greyhounds.

She has currently not been cat tested.

Poppet is a new arrival as of 8/2/15 as we get to know her better more information will be available.


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