Sasha Has Been Homed


Sasha body

Sasha has been homed. 21/3/15

She was born in October 2011.

She is a medium size, quiet, slightly reserved white and black, spayed female.

She loves going for walks and she walks very nicely on the lead however can be a little wary in new surroundings.  Sasha needs a confident owner who will help her overcome her small worries.

She is happy to jump into the car for her outings and settles down nicely ready for the off!

Sasha would be best suited as an only dog or with a calm, laid back male dog.  She prefers to sleep in her own bed as well as being in charge so the male dog would need to have a ‘relaxed’ temperament. Due to Sasha being slightly reserved she would be best in a calm household, in an adult only home or with older teenagers.

Sasha currently is not interested in playing with toys.

She loves her food and will give you a clean bowl at every meal!

Sasha is slightly reserved with her cuddles, once she gets to know you she loves to share them!  Being a greyhound she loves to lean on you whilst she has a cuddle. Sasha is kennelled with a male greyhound to help boost her confidence, she shares cuddle attention from people very well when with her male companion. We are confident with time she will grow in confidence and show her true character.

Sasha has been tested with other breeds of dog and would be able to live with a male dog of any size.  She will need time to socialise with other breeds to gain in confidence, she currently is a little wary of what and who they are.

Sasha smile

Sasha has passed her cat test.

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