Reggie (previously Roger) Has Been Homed



Reggie has been homed, 19/1/17.

He has been diagnosed with a condition called Pannus, also known as Chronic Superficial Keratitis, it is a condition affecting the cornea and third eyelid of a dog’s eye(s). Pannus appears as a grayish-pink film on the eye, and as the disease progresses, the cornea becomes opaque. It most often affects both eyes.  He also has a cataract in one eye too.

Reggie will require lifetime veterinary care for his condition.  He regularly attends Optivets to ensure his condition has not progressed further and ensure flare ups are caught early.  His treatment sometimes requires Reggie to have eye drops to stabilise his condition again.  He is not in pain with the condition but his eyes can become very sore in bright light.  In the summer months or when the UV is high Reggie wears ‘Doggles’ when outside to reduce the chance of his eyes becoming sore and allow him to lead a normal life as possible.  In the house Reggie requires room to be kept dark so he does not have to wear the Doggles inside.

Reggie is a positively tiny greyhound, for an adult male anyway. He is a mere 29kg and he’s not underweight, he just comes in a very compact body. Reggie is also very unusually marked being a dark brindle with white flecks on him.

Little Reggie one of the RGT sponsor dogs.

Little Reggie one of the RGT sponsor dogs.

Character wise he can be a little shy initially, but in moments he becomes a gentle soul who is quite happy to be with you. Reggie walks nicely on a lead, he travels well and is keen to get into a car for his outings.  When the UV is high Reggie requires a lot of TLC and care around the other dogs is essential.

Reggie has behaved well around food and fairly well around toys as well. He enjoys squeaky toys particularly, but is a little too keen on playing with those for us to consider a home with very young children. Reggie enjoys playing with tennis balls as well as squeaky toys. We feel he’d be best with older teenagers.  His behaviour can become unpredictable especially when his eyes are sore.

Reggie has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern with those of medium to large breed. He does however need more training and correction when meeting small dogs.

We feel that Reggie would be suitable as a companion to another bitch of medium to large breed.


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