Skye Has Been Homed


Skye has been homed – 26/2/20

Skye joined Greyhound Lifeline on 14th January 2020 and she was born on the 12th May 2012.

She is a medium size, shy but friendly, gentle girl.  Skye has come into us from a home environment through no fault of her own.  She is housetrained, quiet at night and can do stairs – at speed – up and down!

During her first few weeks with us, Skye has had a major dental so she doesn’t have many teeth left, however this does not stop her eating her kibble and biscuits!  She was a real favourite with the vet staff!  We are feeding Skye puppy kibble currently until she is back up to her normal weight – which she is enjoying!

Skye is a little shy of people, she needs time to get to know her new friends before she will happily come to you for cuddles. She loves her ears being scratched, like most greyhounds!  Skye is very gentle in her approach around her friends.

She does know her name and will happily come to you when she feels confident.

Skye travels well in a car and can get herself in with ease, she enjoys her walks and would love a family who can take her on different doggie adventures each day!  She may be seven years of age but she is very active for her age, she completely enjoys life and lives it to the full!

She has met other breeds of dog and gives us no cause for concern around them.

Skye could be an only dog, (she was in her first home) or she could live with another dog.  She can be dominant over dog beds, with her doggie friends – if allowed and a little pushy around attention, so a no nonsense owner is essential!  She responds very well to her handler and has learnt a lot in the few weeks that she has been with us.  Skye loves her cuddles and playtimes the most.  She could live with older teenagers that are used to being around dogs.

She would prefer having cuddles than playing with a toy, however she gets very excited when playing with other dogs – comes to life and enjoys a good game of chase me!

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