Slim Has Been Homed


Slim was born on the 16th February 2016 and has now been homed – 31/5/19.

He is a medium, affectionate, black male who is a gentle boy and a real youngster!

Slim enjoys going out for his walks and will trot along beside you. He needs a little assistants getting into a vehicle but once in settles down and enjoys his outings.

He loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles, he is a real leaner! He loves his food but prefers a quieter space to eat within. Slim is a bit of a nosey greyhound!

Slim could be homed as a companion to another dog or in a home of his own. He would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst someone worked. Slim could be homed with children over the age of 8 years.

He loves to play and will quite happily amuse himself with a soft cuddly toy or ball.

Slim has met other breeds of dog and after careful introductions we feel he could live with smaller breeds.

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