Soda Has Been Homed


Soda has been homed – 2/5/20.

She is a friendly, happy, clever and a fun loving girl!  This girl loves water and she will seek out some after her walk for a nice cool down!  She has been known to stand in her drinking water bowl!

Soda loves cuddles and being with her human friends and is partial to a good Indian head massage and foot rub.

Whilst in foster she has been having doggie lessons on boundaries including the heal, stand, Relax (sniff/wee/poo etc) and the sit command (she is very clever as she has been watching Rocky her foster brother sitting for a tasty morsel and knows that if she doesn’t sit, she doesn’t get a treat but Rocky does, she will then sit and gets a treat, she loves seriously strong cheese) she has even started lifting her paw to encourage a treat from us!

She is learning the green cross code by healing at the kerb and making sure she doesn’t cross until it’s clear. She is starting to understand “Relax” which means she can go for her daily constitutional.

Soda loves to go for a walk and she is keen to investigate any gap/driveway or step she discovers. She walks nicely on the lead but watch out for the wildlife that can make her excited!  If you like walking then this girl is right for you as she loves being out and about.

In her foster home she has met numerous dogs of various sizes and cats, even though she has an interest in these animals and will want to turn around to look, she doesn’t get reactive by jumping in the air etc.

Soda is a good eater and is not remotely fussy over food. You will need to keep a close eye on this girl so she doesn’t gain those extra pounds whilst enjoying her food!  She is also partial to a bit of vegan diet by eating raw broccoli (even though she pulls a face), sweet potato, tomatoes, carrots, butternut squash, bananas, apples and strawberries.

She will even help cook the BBQ for you!

This girl is active and enjoys a good game of ‘let’s play with toys’!

She would be suitable to live as an only pet or as a companion to male greyhound or greyhound look-alike. She could live with children over the age of 10 years.

Soda travels well, is keen to get into a car for her outings but needs a little assistance jumping in from her human friends.

She was a little shy of a toothbrush at first but now she quite enjoys her teeth being cleaned!

How do I look?

No cats please.

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