Storm Has Been Homed


Storm has been homed – 30.1.21.

We are very sad to say that Storm has been returned into our care, he has been rehomed twice and both times bounced back through no fault of his own.  

Please seriously think about what rehoming a greyhound/dog entails before actually rehoming one.  Storm is very fortunate in having a very bouncy character and it doesn’t appear to have unsettled him too much.  He is currently being spoilt in a foster home whilst he settles back in to a routine he knows very well!

We are looking for a new home for Storm and as usual we will be carrying out a significant amount of checks on any potential adopter, just like we always do, however we need you to play your part and actually seriously THINK before you adopt.

Storm has a viewing lined up for Saturday 23rd January and we are all keeping our fingers and paws crossed that third time roundwill be the BEST home for him ever!

Storm was born on the 9th December 2016.

He is housetrained, crate trained and allows you to have a good nights sleep, no early wake up calls from this boy!

This lad is a friendly and an active boy who enjoys being around people.

Storm has been called a ‘magpie’ whilst in foster care, he just adores picking things up, taking them to his bed for a little play and then getting the next item.  He doesn’t chew what he collects but is very quiet as he works around you so you don’t realise what has disappeared!  What a clever boy he is!

Storm just loves investigating, I think he has forgotten he is not a toddler anymore!  He has an irresistible character that nobody couldn’t fall in love with.  A paddling pool full with toys, Storm has worked out how to get each toy out including each rubber duck without having to put his whole body in the pool, he really does have a few brain cells in him!

He loves to play with toys, his favourite being soft ones, that he can enjoy running around with, his party trick is to throw them high and catch them before they reach the floor!

Storm enjoys his walks and is keen to get on the move however he can be strong if some wildlife crosses his path!  He enjoys going out and about and learning new things about the outside world.  Storm enjoys his trips out in the car and will happily jump in by himself.

Storm with foster brother Orca.

He has met other breeds of dog and he is trying hard to become everybody’s friend.

Storm allowing Chloe to give him kisses.

Storm knows his name and has become very responsive to his handler, he will come away from standing near to another dog when he is called (he is on a lead) and also respond well to different commands given when in training sessions.

Storm would be best suited to a home with no children under the age of 8 years.  He is used to sleeping in a crate, as he’s security home so would benefit from having a crate in his new home too.

He is a boy who loves his food, he thinks if he eats it fast he gets another helping! What a cheeky boy he is!

Storm can be a little bit too confident at times, his new owner will need to show him how to behave when he gets excited in order for him not to get himself told off!  He won’t win any competitions for his looks, Storm has a few bald patches, however his love and personality will make up for the fur that is missing.

Anyone interested in adopting Storm should contact the rehoming team.

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