Suzi Has Been Homed



Suzi has been homed. 6/11/16.

She is an average sized, friendly and very loving older, spayed girl who was born in March 2005.

Suzi mixes well with the other greyhounds in residence and has proved very sociable with them.  She enjoys her cuddles from her human friends and likes to be with you around the house. She has shown that she can be clean in the home and is not at all noisy or destructive when left.

She generally walks nicely on a lead, but she is acrobatic and powerful when her chase instinct is triggered. For this reason therefore she must have a physically able handler who is aware of what is around at all times.

Suzi is keen to get into a car for her outings and she travels well.

This girl is a “Peter Pan” among greyhounds as she has not accepted the fact that she is getting older. A forever puppy at heart who still loves toys and play.


Suzi has met other breeds of dog and she still needs caution around smaller breeds of dog. Walking her out requires use of a muzzle as Suzi will take an opportunity to strike if a chance is there. No cats please.

She can manage stairs and is also fine on all types of flooring.

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