Tigger Has Been Homed


Tigger has been homed – 3/2/19.

He is a medium, quiet, very wary brindle male.

Tigger is very unsure of his surroundings currently, with time, patience and consistency he will learn to trust the adults working with him.

He is sharing his kennel with a female friend, who will be able to give him the confidence to enjoy his home environment.

Tigger loves his food and is quite happy to eat his dinner quietly in his kennel by himself.

He currently finds walks quite scary, he would much prefer to walk with other greyhounds so that they can guide him through his fears.  Tigger can use his strength out on a walk particularly if something spooks him.  His new owner will need to keep a strong hold on this lad.

We are looking for a quiet, adult only home, who will have time and patience to support him adjusting to home life.  Tigger would prefer a home with another dog to keep him company and also help his confidence to grow.  His new owners will need to understand his fears and how to help him positively overcome them.

We will be seeking a very special home for this boy, if you are interested please contact Greyhound Lifeline but we may, after asking further questions field you towards an alternative dog if we think it is appropriate.  Tigger has a long journey ahead of him in building trust and therefore we need to ensure we find the ‘perfect’ home for him.  Thank you for your understanding.

As we get to know Tigger we will be able to update his page accordingly.

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