A Busy Half Term!

On Sunday 21st October the team were yet again busy down at Redfields Garden Centre.  It was a lovely day and the crowds came out in their flocks.  The team raised a massive £433.47 for Greyhound Lifeline as well as recruiting some new volunteers.  We would like to thank all of the volunteers for giving up their time and everyone who came along and donated to the greyhounds in our care.

Firework Season:

Fireworks are enjoyed year-round by people but can be a source of fear for many animals. There are various methods you can try to alleviate the terror that some dogs (and other animals suffer) at this time. Planning ahead can help your dog cope with the firework season. Talk to your vet about pheromone diffusers or collars. These disperse calming chemicals into the room and may be a good option for your dog.

Regardless of how your dog (or cat maybe too) copes there are a few basics that are worth checking, in case the worst happens and your pet escapes you or your property from sheer terror.

Please check not only that your pet’s collar is tight enough to stay on if he/she should become scared, but also check that the ID tag is both attached and fully legible too. Many tags suffer worn engraving over time and they become virtually illegible. If you use the barrel type of ID please check that it’s intact and still complete with the vital contents. If you have moved home did you remember to re-register your pet’s microchip details to the new address and phone number or indeed replace the ID tag with one bearing up to date details?

Kennel Updates:

Our dedicated fundraisers Adrian and Penny banked another £1270 for Greyhound Lifeline this week.  They raise these funds through car boot sales and sales of homemade goodies.  Well done both.

Annie the greyhound went out for the day, she took Auntie Lucy for a muddy walk!  Annie and friends Ice and Maggie, went on an adventure.  See our Facebook Post for Annie’s story.  We are appealing to the public to help find her, her own home. Annie is our longest stayer dog currently.

Legend our oldest greyhound has been homed!  He has gone to live near Swindon with two other older greyhounds.  We are very pleased for the old lad.

Event Updates:
Street Collection in Farnborough – Saturday 1st December:

Come down and support us on this day.

Homed Dogs:

Rambo, Munchkin and Zed.

New Arrivals:

Fizz and Tigger.


Dogs in Foster Care:


Reserved Dogs:

Kanga and Minstrel.

Toy Appeal:

We are getting low on soft toys for our kennel hounds, if you have any spare dog toys at home that you wouldn’t mind donating, our greyhounds would love to have them!
Please can we ask that they are non-squeaky toys, thank you.


Our fundraisers are getting low on stock. Do you have a selection of unwanted gifts that you are wondering what to do with?

If you do then we’d love to receive them for fundraising purposes. Un-opened smellies, perfume, childrens’ toys, games (board and electronic), jewellery and small electrical items including power tools, radios, computer accessories are most wanted.
Unfortunately we cannot accept books (we’re severely overstocked with these already) or clothing.

Thank you to all who donate and support our work. Please contact us for information about where to drop off donated items.

If you are unsure about the suitability of your items please email our fundraising team on – fundraisingforgreyhoundlifeline@outlook.com.

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