Tipsy Has Been Homed


Tipsy black bitch greyhound

Tipsy has been homed.

Tipsy was born in April 2009, she spent some time in our kennels and more recently she has moved on and into foster care. In foster care she has absolutely blossomed and has turned into such a good girl.

You can read her foster care report below:

Here is the report on Tipsy written by her foster carers:

Tipsy 3

We welcomed Tipsy just a few short months ago and she has been a delight both inside and outside the home.

It’s amazing how quickly she has settled, given that she had never been inside a house or out in the big wide world before. Barring a couple of initial “accidents”, she has been clean in the house and she makes us aware of when she does needs to go outside.

A beautiful, dainty little girl, she is very affectionate. She loves attention and will stand interminably for a stroke. She likes to be around people, but she is never pushy or demanding of attention.

Tipsy 1

Tipsy is quite happy walking on our wooden floors. She doesn’t do stairs well so your bed is quite safe, but she is partial to the sofa which is not allowed in our home. Tipsy does get off the sofa happily however when she does get caught. A “no” is all that is required.

There are no soft toys, which apparently she loves, so unattended slippers etc are fair game to her, but she relinquishes them without any fuss.

She is not a dominant buy prednisone dog. Quite the reverse. Our elderly (10 year old) rather grumpy  greyhound is not too enamoured of the interloper and he has growled at her several times but she always backs off and is very respectful of him, even licking his face when he has yelped for one reason or another.

Outside of the home Tipsy walks very easily on the lead with little pulling. She has now met many different breeds and sizes of dogs and other than the occasional lunge to get up close we have had no concerns.

A young girl, Tipsy loves to play! She has a tendency to “mouth” when she gets excited so it would be better if she were not around young children who would not understand that this  is just attention-seeking and not meant to harm in any way.

Tipsy 2

Tipsy loves her food and she is very easy to feed. She loves her walks too, but as we rarely take her out in the car we have noticed that she is reticent to jump in on the occasions that we have decided to go further afield.

Such an adorable little girl, she would be a delightful addition in any home either with another dog or on her own. We have left the dogs for quite considerable periods without issues.

Please, please look beyond the bald patches, see into her deep brown, soulful eyes and find the affectionate, beautiful girl that she is.

7 thoughts on “Tipsy

  1. hi im vey intrested in jet and tipsy or would just like to rehome one of your dogs i have a jack russel and he goes fo walks twice a day please could you get back to me thanks

  2. Hello I already have a large male greyhound (he has lived with us for 6 months) and would like sometime in the near future to rehome another I know a female is a good idea but when the time comes is it possible to visit and let him decide because we obviously want a happy home.Thanks

    • Hi Kathryn – You would be very welcome to come and visit us and meet a selection of the greyhounds in our care. We are open daily between 11am and 1pm. Please contact us by phone or email when you are ready and we will let you know the address. For more information about adopting from us then please contact my colleagues Jane or Carol (contact details are on site). Thank you. Regards Marie

  3. Tipsy takes my interest, I just fear that I live too far away. I have homed 4 greyhounds over the last 10 years, and am now looking for a *****. At the moment I have a dog, aged 8.4

  4. I would like to know more about Tipsy. I am looking to give a female greyhound a loving home. Presently I have a male greyhound, aged 8. Over the last 10 years I have adopted 4 greyhounds.

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