Trixie Has Been Homed


Trixie has been homed.

Trixie is a fun, loving, small size black, spayed bitch who was born May 2011.


She can walk nicely on the lead although can get excited if she spots something of interest i.e. squirrel, however she does respond very well to correction.  Trixie loves her walks and her tail is always wagging for her next adventure.

Trixie likes to play with soft toys, she will chase a thrown toy and will bring it back ready for you to throw again.  She is very gentle and gives her toys to you very easily.  She is a little unsure of a moving ball and currently will watch it from a distance.

Trixie enjoys playing with her kennel companion, chasing up and down the yard.  She also enjoys her cuddles.  Sometimes in her excitement she will jump up in front of you, this is a work in progress for this young girl.  Trixie is young, she has learnt her name and is learning to come to you when called.  She has a cheeky smile that she uses to get a few extra minutes outside especially at ‘going in time’ by pretending she hasn’t heard you!  She seems to have a lovely nature and once she’s learned a few boundaries she will make a nice, very loving family pet.

She enjoys getting into a car for her outings and settles down nicely.


Being young Trixie would be best suited as a companion to a large sized dog, or to a family where somebody was around for most of the day.  She would be able to live with children over the age of 7 years.  Trixie needs more socialisation with medium/smaller breeds to be 100% reliable around them.  We are currently working with our behaviourist so Trixie can start learning how to behave around other breeds of dog.  Trixie does respond well to correction if she feels your in control however she can be quite reactive to other breeds especially if they are running around her.  A handler with their wits about them would be required for this little girl!






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