Jo's Greyhound Blog : Christmas 2012

A little festive catch-up from the Greyhound Lifeline duo who are now Dorset dogs – Paddy and Tracy!  Well – firstly my two gorgeous greyhounds played their parts to perfection at a recent charity collection.

Paddy in a Santa hat and Tracy with her tinsel made a very favourable impression on the shoppers and the message that greyhounds make great pets was well and truly delivered.  Even Santa and his Elves made a quick visit and endorsed the greyt-greyhound theme!

Meeting Santa’s Elf

So pleased was I with the public performance of my hounds that I bought them a Christmas present each – a soft cuddly toy with a squeak inside and … as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve wrapped them up in Christmas wrapping.  Yes, I know they don’t understand anything about Christmas but I reckon they deserve a bit of spoiling after their sterling efforts a few weekends ago all of which leads nicely to my next point – the pay-back!

Some greyhounds, when you adopt them, will come with fascinating, interesting or surprising histories.  The history may take different forms but basically the dog just needs time to adjust and be understood.  The life they used to have is very different from the life you give them and sometimes these adjustments need a little time and patience from their owner.

I know this first-hand because one of my dogs has taken a little time to settle down. Further, I would say that in general, the time and effort you put into the dog you adopt will eventually be repaid to you ten-fold in the form of affection, loyalty and devotion.  The dog I mentioned before stood outside in the cold weather for several hours, wearing a Christmas hat, being patted and talked to by passers-by and then when he was tired out and lying on a bed indoors in a shopping centre, calmly accepted being stroked and talked to by curious and interested children.  All this still wearing a Christmas hat!

Paddy and Tracy do Meet and Greet

Some greyhounds will present challenges in the home environment, some will not, but whatever the circumstances, they deserve a little bit of understanding, human resilience and endeavor.

Stick with it is my advice – they will repay you in kind and the bond you share will be something special to treasure.  Whenever I get the chance, I always point people towards Greyhound Lifeline and their expertise and if they need any further convincing, I just ask them to look at my two hounds and how adopting an ex-racing greyhound could make you the proudest dog owner in Britain.

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