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With the help of some of Greyhound Lifeline’s staff, who have been sworn to secrecy for the last few weeks, Valentine’s day was made a little more special than usual for Jane as Ben was adopted into the Grant family household.

Ben joins Dodger who was adopted in December 2011 to become the second much loved greyhound in the home having spent the last four months there as a foster dog.

In this time Ben has won the hearts of everyone in the household with his fun loving, cheeky and playful character. Ben being significantly different in character to Dodger has also succeeded in bringing out another side to Dodger that was previously not seen and it is clear that these two wonderful boys are a good match. One certainly complements the other.

So how did he do it?

Well first of all Ben can give you that look, you know the one….”take me I’m yours and I would like to stay with you”.

Ben black male

He is also very affectionate and seeks attention from you at every opportunity, lapping up every bit of it just as many greys do.

Ben settled into home life straight away with absolutely no issues whatsoever and he was instantly accepted by Dodger as a housemate. He also very quickly learned his place in the household and happily became an integral part of the family enjoying all the home comforts afforded him.

He is a joy to walk and generally a lazy walker, happy to plod along beside you. He is therefore an ideal dog for Jane to walk compared with Dodger who, although  he does walk nicely most of the time, he can be a powerhouse when aroused and he is better walked by me. That said though when the two are walked together Ben does become an anchor for Dodger’s powerhouse antics, so walking two is not really any more difficult, in fact it can be helpful.

Ben, having brought out another side to Dodger that we had not seen before also endeared himself to us by showing us that two dogs are better than one! Companionship can and does in our experience bring out the best in each of them and helps to keep them contented. Ben also showed us that looking after two dogs is not necessarily double trouble or double the cost. In fact it is mostly more fun and actually any additional cost is outweighed by the extra love and joy that two dogs bring compared to one.

Ben and Dodger at home

So yes Ben was able to cast his magic spell and persuade us to adopt him, he is a very loveable, well behaved boy who deserves his forever home and he will certainly be spoiled here with us just as Dodger is too.

Welcome to your forever home Ben you very lovely boy:-) xxx.

Ben black male ex-foster dog

One thought on “Paul’s Greyhound Blog : Ben the Grey Makes Jane’s Day

  1. Thank you to all Greyhound Lifeline staff for keeping this a secret until the big day and thank you to Marie and the Thursday team for making today a day for Jane to remember.
    – X-
    Paul Grant

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