I have seen so many come in and then go,
Some old, injured, others just ran too slow
I watch them come, knowing I shall be
Not picked before them, I still wait patiently.

Only weeks passed at first, not so bad
Months then turned to years for me, so sad.
I hear from visiting dogs of homes warm and snug
Deep comfy beds, a warm fireside rug.

Bowls of delicious food, games outside they play
They are so lucky as I return to my kennel again today.
It is true I am not as straight forward to care for as some
In spite of this fact my turn must surely come.

Will I know love? A comfortable family home
Shall I ever find the ones I can call my own?
You see I need medication each and every day
But it keeps me healthy, that’s how I want to stay.

It really is not difficult to give once you know how
You would get use to it, I am use to it now
I recently went into foster care
I simply have to say I just love it there!

So this is what a home is, where the others left to go
THANK YOU SARAH, for giving me the chance to know!

Author: Tracy Errington

One thought on “Jack

  1. We had seen Jack’s picture before we read this poem, and already we were smitten. When I read this I cried buckets, and we knew he had to be ours ! Adoption day is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited – Jack is so excited he is having a sleep in front of the fire !!!

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