Who's A Clever Girl Then?

A poem written by Pam Lonnen with love about her special greyhound girl, Josie:

Josie is beginning to feel more at home now,
Her true character is starting to unfurl – wow!
She has a little naughty streak that is starting to show
And when she wants attention she lets me know.
If I take too long to get ready to go to the park
She looks at me indignantly and gives a bark.

Josie has also discovered the bin
And not only sticks her nose right in.
She removes the lid and tips the rubbish on the floor
And has eaten fish skin, wrappers and probably more!
She so nearly had my salmon, the tub was on the floor
One second later and it would have been clamped in her jaw!

For the first time I left her at home when I went out for the day
It was with some anxiety that I went on my way.
She stayed at home with a dog minder I knew
And when I returned, she had been so good, phew!
I was so pleased to see her and she bid me good day
Then went back to see her new friend, Fai.

Since the weather has improved we have had some lovely walks,
Met dogs to sniff, and people who talk.
She says hello nicely to every dog that she meets
Though she still has a muzzle on, and gets lots of treats.
Josie comes to dog training with me every week
And has learnt to watch and wait as I speak.
That’s more than can be said for the other owners there,
Whose dogs wreak havoc under their chair!

Josie will go down on command and leave a treat on her paw
Though I am still trying to teach her a little bit more.
But for a dog with small head, and very small brain
She is probably not the easiest dog to train!
I understand why my class say their dog does it well when not here
I hear the same words ringing in my own ear!

My friend Sue rang to chat to me
But Josie said Hey it’s time for my tea!
I didn’t know she could tell the time
She’s very clever, this dog of mine!


Copywrite Pam Lonnen 2013

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