Josie's Thoughts

A poem from Josie Greyhound who was kindly assisted with her writing my “mum” Pam Lonnen:

I really like it now in my new home
I have a bed and bowl to call my own.
But I am not keen to be left alone
So I howled and cried and scratched and moaned.
But worst of all in my distress
I chewed the kitchen door and made a mess.
They were splinters of wood all over the place
And I knew at once that I was in disgrace!

There in now a plug in Adaptil infuser in place
And I think it is working, as my heart does not race.
I feel less stressed and much calmer too
Though when on my own I wear a muzzle so I cannot chew!
I know in time I will be a cool dog and very calm
But at the moment I have Pam in the middle of my palm!
I am constantly told by Pam that she loves me so much
And am always reassured by her tender touch.

She says she smiles much more since I came into her home
I heard her telling her Mum on the phone.
I am so good now when it is time to go to bed every night
Wee, bed, biscuit, muzzle and then turn off the light.
She leaves the radio on for company, and a little light too
And I don’t make a sound until next morning when she comes into view.
I love my walks, but Pam does not seem to know when to stop
She walks me for miles until I am fit to drop!

I am still not allowed on sofa, bed or chair,
But to be honest it is so good here I really don’t care.

Love Josie

Copywrite Pam Lonnen 2013

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