Updates From May

Online Sale of Goods Ordering:

We are now able to offer online ordering, for non food items, from our online ‘Greyhound Shop’.

Please browse through our ‘Greyhound Shop’, any items that are not in stock or can not be ordered in this way, will state this, on their individual page.

Once selected your choice of goods, please contact us by email, full instructions of how to order, can be found at the top of our ‘Greyhound Shop’ page.

Please click on the link to take you straight to our ‘Greyhound Shop’ section.  Happy Shopping!

New Site:

We are very excited to inform you that we have found a NEW site for our kennels!

This new beginning for Greyhound Lifeline is just the start of our next adventure!  We are getting closer to informing everyone about it!

Please keep supporting us through sharing our Facebook posts, watching our website, helping or attending events and the many other ways that you already help us!  We are very lucky to have so many supporters.

Greyhound Lifeline will continue to grow and establish and this next phase will allow this to happen. We all have our fingers, toes and paws crossed and are very happy indeed with the news that we are sharing.  The team have waited so long to find a new site and now we are nearly there!

We still have one greyhound in our care, Blizard but he still has had no viewings.  We would love for him to find his own home.  Blizard may not be a blue or brindle in colour but he is still just as loving and gorgeous to us.  This cheeky chap loves being around people, he is very well behaved within a home environment and a bonus is that he is house trained too!  Blizard may need training around smaller dogs but he’s large, funny character makes up for this instead!

Blizard enjoying his chicken meal!

During this transition phase we are still open, by appointment only, for purchasing of goods, caring for our current greyhounds and supporting the public through our community work.  If you are looking for a greyhound please consider Blizard.  We will continue looking after him and Blizard will transfer over to our new site, hopefully our new site will be purchased by the end of May 2022.

We will update you soon but we ask that you keep an eye on social media as we will post more information online as soon as we can.  In the meantime it is business as usual!

Purchasing of dog food and sale of goods:

This will now be collected away from the kennels, unless you are homing a dog at the same time. Upon ordering you will be given a different address to pick up your goods.

Don’t forget we can now take online orders in too!

Please see our ‘Greyhound Shop’ pages on our website for items you can purchase.

Please continue to buy your goods through us as every pound spent will help the greyhounds in our care.  Thank you.

Soft Toys: We cannot take anymore soft toys in at the moment.  Once we have set up our new premises we will inform you as our ‘greyhounds love their soft toys to play with’ and we certainly get through them!

Bedding: We can only take in blankets and towels at the moment.

Sale of Goods: We will still be selling our greyhound products (see website for items) and greyhound food during this period but it will just be from a different location.  Please continue to ring/email and we will update you where and when collection can take place.

Nail clippings and corn removals: Continue as normal please ring for a location to meet.

Car-boot items: Please keep them coming so we can raise much needed funds for the dogs in our care and our future plans.  We will continue to need these items after we close at our current site so we would be grateful if you can continue to donate these items.

We ask you to continue emailing either our fundraisers on [email protected], or alternatively contact us on [email protected]

In your email please list items you have so we can ensure we can take them.   We will answer your email as soon as possible.  We will inform you where you can drop off your donations or if local the team may be able to collect from you.

Supporting Greyhound Lifeline:

If you would like to support the work that we carry out, knowing 100% of your donation will be spent on the care and welfare of our kennel greyhounds then please consider being a ‘Friend of Greyhound Lifeline’.  Click on the link to find out more about this scheme.

We have a range of other ways to support our work which are all really quick and easy to do.  Click on the link to find out more – How To Help Us.

Magma in her garden as a homed greyhound!


Ink Cartridges – we are still collecting empty (used), branded ink cartridges, if you have any please contact us so we can arrange a drop off place.

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