Greyhound Christmas Cards


RGT Christmas Cards

Packs of 12 cards from the year 2012 (and before) while stocks last only.

Price: £[cf]product-price[/cf]

3 thoughts on “Greyhound Christmas Cards

  1. how large are the christmas cards pack of 12 for £2.00 and is there any postage and how do we order these on line or phone need to oeder now 01621 817633

    • Dear Mo,
      Unfortunately we have sold out of the £2 packs of Christmas cards, they were old stock. We have the 2013 cards in stock now though at £4 per pack of 12. They are roughly A5 in size. We don’t do mail order, but only sell to customers in person. You could however order the same cards direct from the RGT at – there will be a charge for postage, but it is shown on their web site for you.

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