Adopt Raggy the Greyhound as Your Pet


Raggy is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire.

She was born on 23rd April 2013.

Raggy is a medium size, friendly, gentle, black, female.

She enjoys her walks and loves to be around people.  Raggy can get over excited, forget her manners and become a little cheeky, some training around keeping her four paws on the floor will be needed!

Raggy enjoys playing, she loves a tennis ball to run after, she will use her paws to stop the ball and then pick it up in her mouth.  What a clever girl she is!  She is very gentle when playing and will easily give you her toy so it can be thrown again.

She enjoys her outings in the car and jumps in nicely.  Raggy is a peoples dog and loves to have cuddles.

Raggy could be homed on her own or a companion to a medium size dog, or to a family where somebody was around for part of the day.  She would be able to live with children aged 8 and over.

She has been tested with other dogs and is confident with medium size dogs, she needs to learn some manners around smaller breeds.

No cats please.

Raggy is new into our kennels (3/10/17), as we get to know her more information will be made available.

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