Ace Has Been Homed



Ace is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire and has now been homed.

He is a medium sized, affectionate, black, male who was born on the 16th February 2009.

He is a gentle boy who walks nicely on lead and he enjoys going out for his walks.


Ace loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles.  He loves his food and will eat his meals very nicely for you.  Ace is unsure what treats are at this current time but we are sure he will learn how lovely they are!


He could be homed as a companion to a female greyhound or in a home of his own.  He would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst someone worked.  Ace would be best with teenagers or an adult only home.

Ace enjoys being out in the fresh air, he loves watching what is going on around him.  Currently he shows little interest in most toys, although throw a soft cuddly toy and he will be quite happy to chase and play bow to it.  He knows his name and will come to you when called.  Ace can be a little shy of loud noises so will need a quieter home to relax in.

He has met other breeds of dog and after careful introductions we feel Ace could be trained to live with smaller breeds of dog.  Ace has currently not been tested with cats, we hope to carry this out soon.

Ace joined us on 2/8/15, as we get to know him better more information will be available.

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