Annie Has Been Homed


Annie has been homed – 22/6/19.

She is a medium size, white and black, female who was born in July 2013.

Annie loves going for walks, she has got trendy boots that her humans allow her to wear for her outings. Annie has soft pads and can find it uncomfortable to walk on stony paths, wearing her jazzy boots allows her to enjoy all walks, with her friends. Lately she has been building up her stamina and can now enjoy a 90 minute walk with still a big smile on her face at the end! She is also happy to jump into the car for her outings and settles down nicely ready for the off!

The weather is getting warmer and Annie is joining her foster family on their weekends away in their campervan.  She is showing them how good she can be and is enjoying every minute of the adventure!

She is now fully housetrained and makes her human friends aware when she needs to go outside.  Annie is a good eater and enjoys her mealtimes!  She is able to walk on a range of flooring including laminate, carpet and tiles.  Annie has mastered the use of stairs and can use her speedy legs to be at the top in a blink of the human eye!

Annie loves to chase after a toy that is thrown, her particular favourite is a tennis ball and any squeaky one, she enjoys collecting all toys on her bed!  She is very good at rearranging her bed and deciding where she would like to lay down!  A special girl is our Annie.

She is currently living with one male greyhound whilst in foster care, she enjoys sharing a bed with her new friend!

Annie (white) with new foster brother Rocky.

She could live with a family who have teenagers who could become her playmates, or in an adult only home.  No young children for this girl.  Annie would prefer to be homed where there is another dog in the house for company or one where she wasn’t left for very long on her own.  She just loves to talk to you and sometimes will try to have the last word!

Annie’s foster family report she is interested in other wildlife such as birds but only to look at, mostly okay with cats that stand their ground but very keen to chase most cats and other small furries that dare to flee! She has not reacted adversely to some smaller dogs even when receiving quite sustained barking from them but she will defend her territory when in the garden, when she hears our neighbours, we correct this behaviour by saying “No”.  Annie responds very well to leadership and will look to her foster family/new owners for guidance.

Annie would be able to live with a medium size male dog, she needs further socialisation with smaller breeds but is showing signs of improvement at her trainng classes. Annie prefers male dogs and feels less threatened by them, however is learning that female dogs can be friends too.  A laid back female greyhound could be a new buddy for her too with careful introductions.  She is very responsive to training and listens to her handler.

She has started to attend training classes with her foster parents, where she is learning recall, some basic commands and how to behave around smaller breeds of dog.

Annie learning recall with her foster dad.

Annie is performing well at her training classes, respectful of the other dogs when recalling and weaving around the class. She is starting to understand the commands heal, stand, relax and nom noms, these mean: walk with me, stand still, toilet break (& reading the paper), and eat food!

No cats please.

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