Billie Has Been Homed


Billie has been homed.

She is an average sized, but solidly built, confident and friendly black, spayed bitch who was born in March 2007.

You cannot see Billie’s marking very clearly in this photo, but she does have pretty white flecks in her coat (snowflake markings).

Billie generally walks nicely on a lead and she travels well.

She has met other breeds of dog and has given us no cause for concern around them. She would be suitable as an only pet or she could be a companion to another dog of any size.

She is fine being left for reasonable periods both in and out of a crate.

Billie can manage stairs (although she’s not allowed upstairs in her foster home as a rule, she has been tested for stairs and she whizzed both up and down with ease).

Billie cannot be kennelled for family holidays as she gets very distressed in kennels. She would need to have holidays with you or have some sort of home boarding care arranged.

Billie had a brief stay with our behaviourists, but she was sent back as there was no need for her to be there – she has no behavioural problems just as long as she is not kennelled. She came back to us and into foster care with the following report: “She’s gorgeous!! Really chilled – Cheryl (my 10 year old daughter) walked her yesterday – Silly me! I forgot to take a pic doh! Billie’s fine with pups, small dogs, big dogs, nervy dogs in her space – she doesn’t bat an eyelid. Shows signs of wanting to join in when they all start running around playing, but I would expect that from any dog (and she can still be controlled and kept calm) so a perfect girl.”

Billie is an all round good girl, who simply needs a home to call her own. She would suit pretty much any type of home. As long as she has walks, food (lots of), a bed to impersonate a cockroach on (she’s and upsidedown sleeper) and company she’s a very happy girl and easy to live with.

Very affectionate thoroughly enjoys a fuss, but not too pushy as she also knows when to leave you alone.

No cats please.

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