Bobby (3 legs) Has Been Homed

Bobby black 3 legged male

NB: This picture dates from 2009. New one to follow as soon as possible.

Bobby has been homed.

He is a large sized, friendly, lively and loving, black, 3 legged male who was born in November 2005.

Bobby has returned to us due to very sad circumstances after 4 years in a home. His previous owner died and the surviving owner suffers from very poor health and was unable to continue caring for him.

He lost his leg as a result of an accident, not illness. Further information is available on request, but he has been a tripod for in excess of four years and in all respects he is just as able and agile as any four legged dog except that he tires a little more quickly. A 20 minute walk in one go is really Bobby’s current limit although this could be increased gently over time to build up his stamina.

Bobby black male (3 legs)

Bobby is happy to jump in and out of a car for his outings and he travels very well. He is able to negotiate steps on walks (untried on stairs).

Bobby can walk nicely on the lead, but he is a strong boy who is reactive to wildlife. He does therefore need a strong and aware handler who is able to keep him under control in such situations.

Bobby has met other breeds of dog and given us no cause for concern around those of medium to large size. He is able to share a home with other male dogs without problems. He is however not trustworthy around small dogs at this point, so he does require further work and correction in this respect. We hope to improve this aspect over the coming weeks.

In the home Bobby is generally well behaved. He is clean, well mannered and he can be left for reasonable periods without problems.

He is best crated overnight however to keep any noise to a minimum as the characteristic “thump” of his hind leg creates quite a noise and it does tend to keep you awake when he moves around. On carpeted floors this should not be such a problem and a crate probably would not be necessary in those circumstances.

Bobby would suit children aged 7 years and over because he has a seriously “happy tail” and very young children would most likely get accidentally bruised faces through his exuberant wagging.

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