Buck Has Been Homed


Buck has been homed – 10/7/20.

Buck is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived on the 25th May 2020 and he was born on the 7th of October 2014.

He is a handsome, muscular male who has a cute roman nose, with plenty of love to give to his new owners and always has a big smile on his face!

Buck enjoys going out for his walks, he walks nicely but can get a little excited when he sees other dogs having fun, as he wants to join in the fun too.  He may take you by surprise with his jumping around and pulling on the lead.

Our Buck likes to know what everyone is doing and tries his best to help you especially when you are preparing food, I wonder why!  We are working with him to not jump up at the kitchen cabinets however he quickly corrects himself when told to get down.

He is learning how to jump in a car so he can visit lots of nice places, this is another work in progress.  I think he enjoys being lifted in so he can snuggle up to his human friends!

Buck loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles. He certainly knows what he likes and dislikes over food! Buck can be quite stubborn and refuse his meal if it isn’t up to his standard!  He loves to eat raw meat however he also enjoys his kibble mixed into the meat as well.  Buck isn’t quite sure what treats are but I am sure it wont take him long to realise they are yummy too!

He is rather partial to a brush and he is currently moulting, you may want to groom him outside!  Buck enjoying the grooming with his smiley face agreeing with that too!

He could be homed as a companion to another dog or in a home of his own. He would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst someone worked. Buck could be homed to a family with teenagers, he can be quite bouncy when he is excited and may knock over younger children as he is quite chunky!

Buck loves to play and will quite happily amuse himself with soft cuddly toys.

He also enjoys you playing too and will help you by fetching all the toys that you throw his way!

Buck will allow you to take the toy from you but normally drops it on the floor so you can throw again.  What a smart boy he is!

He has met other breeds of dog and after careful introductions would be able to live with other breeds.

Buck meeting Jake

Buck is a very happy boy and greets everyone with a waggy tail and a big smile, he is a lovely lad.  He even tried out the paddling pool to cool his feet down one hot, sunny day.

If you are interested in this lad, please ring Lucy on 07769348310 to arrange a viewing.

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