Worzel Has Been Homed


Worzel has been homed – 7/8/20.

Worzel arrived with us on the 27th June 2020 and he was born on the 19th of June 2016.

This lad is in foster care and shares his home very happily with his greyhound friends.  Worzel is house trained, he has a few manners left to learn, like not jumping up at the kitchen sides!  He can do stairs and very quickly so watch out!  A baby gate stops this sprinter though!

Worzel isn’t a fan of closed solid doors or a crate one either, he would much prefer a bed where he can see what is happening and a tall baby gate to be used in doorways so nobody can sneak up on him!

He is a small, very friendly, boy who has oodles of character.

Worzel can get a little anxious at times and will need to be rehomed with another dog who can be his playmate.

He would much prefer to be with you and his canine friends but understands that his new family have to go out otherwise he won’t get any food, if they haven’t been shopping!  On your return home, he will give you a super cuddle, but really wants to find out what you have brought for him!

This chap loves his outings, travels well and is always very keen to get into the car.  He walks nicely on the lead and enjoys being in the company of other dogs.

Worzel currently is unsure what toys are and shows very little interest in them, this may change in time, however what he does enjoy is playing chase me with another dog!

This boy loves his food, he will give you a clean bowl every time!  Worzel loves to have a cuddle with his human friends and will lean right into you, sometimes forgetting he is standing up as he is enjoying it so much!

Worzel knows his name and he may decide to come to you when you call him, (selective hearing these greyhounds)!  He is a very happy boy, with a smile always on his face.

A happy chappy our Worzel!

Worzel needs to be rehomed to a family who are mostly around and have another dog for him to play with.  He enjoys his cuddles not just with humans but he’s canine friends too! Worzel could be homed to a family with children aged over 10 years.

He has met one of our small dog friends – Jake and behaved very well with him.  As he is in foster care he is meeting different dogs everyday of all sizes.  Worzel has been a very good boy around them and says hello in a very polite way.

Worzel with Jake

No cats please.

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