Caesar Has Been Homed


Caesar – has been homed – 28.11.21.

Caesar is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 26th October 2021 and he was born on the 7th April 2017.

This lovely lad has unfortunately been returned to our kennels from what was his own home.  He currently is very confused as to where he is and why but we are hoping we can find him his true home, quite quickly so he can start living a new life, with a new family, sharing exciting, adventures together again.

Whilst living in a home Caesar has learnt to be house-trained, he is used to the space that you have in a home compared to the size of a kennel.  Some greyhounds when they first arrive in their new homes; find too much space hard going and need a bit of help.  Caesar however already knows a home environment and is used to the space and the noises that you can hear within a home like hoover, washing machine etc so this will be a bonus for his new owner.

Caesar can not work out how to climb stairs, if he tries he is likely to get stuck half way and then will need carrying down again!  He is a good eater but once finished likes to go to the toilet straight after, so be aware that he needs to visit the garden after his food!  This cheeky chap likes a morning walk, before he has his breakfast so he may need to drag his new owner out, for a walk, especially if it is dark first thing!

He is a friendly, fun, loving boy that has oodles of character.  Caesar can sometimes come across as a quiet, calm boy when he first meets people, with a very gentle soul too.  Please come and meet Caesar, you really won’t be disappointed by what you see, he really is gorgeous!

This adorable boy loves to have cuddles and will lean right into you, he doesn’t like it if you stop the strokes and he will look up at you with those big eyes until you start again!

He is kennelled with his new kennel girlfriend!  Caesar would be quite happy sharing his home with another dog but could also be the only dog if he has a human friend for most of the day. This gentle, soul lad just wants to please his owner and will do whatever he can, to be that best four legged friend that anyone could have!

Caesar would prefer a home with people who will play, cuddle and take him on different walks each day!

A lad that adores his toys, doesn’t matter what it is he will chase after them and throw them up in the air again and again!  Anyone interested in adopting this playful boy will need to have a big basket full of toys for this special lad!

Caesar loves his outings, travels well and is always very keen to get into the car, unaided. This boy LOVES his walks and would be happy to walk as long or as little as you wish. He will say hello to all dogs that he meets on his walk, with a very smiley face and a waggy tail, he really is a sociable boy.

This chap is good around all dogs from the very smallest to the biggest.  He would love to run, chase and just have fun with them!  He’s just a very happy boy!

Caesar with little Chloe.

How can anyone not resist this cheeky chappy?

Caesar really needs to find his home and be given a second chance, he may be overlooked as he can come across as a quiet boy but once he shows you his other side which is full of PLAY, PLAY and HAPPINESS, you won’t believe what you are seeing!

Don’t delay, book an appointment and come and see our smaller, handsome male – Caesar.

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