Happy Chappie Has Been Homed


Happy Chappie has been homed – 9.1.22.

Happy Chappie is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on 22nd October 2021 and he was born on the 29th July 2017.

He is a confident, very friendly, inquisitive boy who likes to be on the go! He is a STUNNER to look at and when you meet him you will soon realise he has such a lovely, soft character with his human friends too!

Happy Chappie loves to be outdoors, he enjoys a good run so he can play with his favourite humans and toys!  If you like to walk and see different places than this boy is your man! He loves walking next to you, enjoying what he sees and looking up to you with a huge smile, to show how much he is enjoying being out and the love he has for you too!  What a lovely lad he is!

What more does a boy need after a good walk….. nice food, special cuddles from his human friends and even some treats for being a good boy too!  All our Happy Chappie wants is his own family.

This boy loves his food so watch out in your kitchen, if Happy Chappie has gone quiet then he is probably in there looking for some quick and easy food!  He can be a counter surfer at times so you may need to put away all food into cupboards especially if you don’t want him to eat your lunch or dinner!

He enjoys having cuddles with his human friends and will lean right into you, cuddle sessions usually end up with a face wash and special kisses, from your lovable lad!  Happy Chappie really is a sweet boy, you really couldn’t find a more handsome boy than this one.  His appearance may look like a ‘tough guy’ on the outside but inside he has a huge heart for all of his human friends.

This lad loves to be on the go, are you an active family who love the outdoors?  If so this is definitely the greyhound for you!

Happy Chappie enjoys chasing after a thrown toy but is very particular which toys he will pick up and run around with!

He loves squeaky and fluffy toys, if you are missing anything that is fluffy, you might find it in Happy Chappie’s bed!

This lad would prefer a home with no other pets, he likes to have all the attention from his human friends but is learning how to share with other dogs too.  Happy Chappie’s checklist needs a home with teenagers or an adult only home, he can be a fast boy when running and breaks a little too late, so his corners could frighten smaller humans!  He also can be strong on the lead if a passing squirrel or deer come along to say ‘hello’.

We are looking for an owner who enjoys training/socialising their doggie friends around other breeds of dog.  Happy Chappie walks nicely on a Canny, this takes away most of his strength, leaving you and him to have a lovely day out!

He would also like lots of yummy treats and food to be available, JUST FOR HIM!

Happy Chappie would be quite happy to be left a few hours while someone works.  He would prefer a nice walk, some good food too and then he probably wouldn’t notice you pop out/go to work while he snores on his own warm, comfy bed.

Happy Chappie has only met our friendly farm dogs, he is very responsive to training.  He would be quite happy to watch the dogs all day long but if his human friends walk on, he will too.  He has even been given a kiss by one of the farm dogs but keep this as a secret as he doesn’t want the other boys on the block to know that he is a soft touch!

This cheeky chap has met some of our smaller doggie friends, he currently is unsure what they are and how they run, play and make a different noise from him!  Happy Chappie is doing well with his training around other breeds, he is listening to his handler and understands how he should behave, he is trying his best to do that too.  We have already seen the huge progress that he has made in our dog training sessions.  Happy Chappie needs a confident owner who with help from us, can continue his socialisation  training in the big world, that he hasn’t seen much off before.

No cats/small fluffies please.

This stunning looking boy would fit into any active, family households who are keen walkers/enjoy outside sports or just love visiting new places.  Happy Chappie would just like his own family to call his own and keep his family entertained, while he just settles into home living!

Go on give the adoption line a call and find out more about this lovely lad.

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