Cupid Has Been Homed


Cupid arrived with us on the 24th April, he was born on 24/5/17 and he was homed on 7th May 2020.

He is a small, affectionate, male who loves to be with people and playing with toys.

Cupid prefers to play with soft cuddly toys, so he can throw them up into the air before catching them again.  He can be a little crafty and tries to sneak a toy or two into his bed, ready for playtime later!  I’m not sure how he sleeps as he has so many toys in his bed!

This boy has distinguishing markings on his face and certainly would win any good looking competitions!

Cupid will take treats gentle from your hand and although excited will wait for his food to be put down before tucking in.  He will definitely give you a clean bowl at every meal time.

He loves going on a walk, he will trot alongside you whilst he enjoys all that is going on.  If you like your walks, or being outside then this is the chap for you!

Cupid is happy to jump into the car for his outings and settles down quickly ready for the off.

He has met our small dog friends and he just wants to say hello and play, but best of all he loves his cuddles from his human friends.   Cupid is such a happy chap, always wearing a big smille, he also loves to play bow with his close human friends and a good game of chase me, round and round.

Cupiud could be an only dog if his owners were home most of the time or a companion to another dog. With the correct introduction Cupid could be homed with a smaller breed of dog. He could be homed to a family with older children due to his playfulness.

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