Flint Has Been Homed


Flint is in foster care near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 23rd September 2019, he was born on the 15th January 2016 and has now been homed – 8/12/19.

He is a quiet, black and white boy who has oodles of love to give to his new family, however he can be a little reserved until he gets to know you, he then has a very happy waggy tail!

Flint would prefer a quieter home, one with only adults or older teenagers, where he can grow in confidence and become that ‘perfect’ family greyhound!

“I’m coming”

He enjoys walking time with his human friends, he can be alert on walks and takes in all that he sees.

Flint enjoys his car trips and jumps in with ease.  This boy loves his food and will give you a clean plate after every meal.  Flint is very gentle when he takes treats or toys from your hand.

He has met our doggie friends, he is an inquisitive lad and is still working out ‘what’ other dogs are, he needs to learn some greeting manners with smaller dogs before he will accept them as friends but medium size dogs he just wants to have fun with!

Flint with Bear.

We will work with him around smaller breeds of dog over the coming weeks.

He enjoys playing, he will chase after a thrown toy and make his own games up, flying it high into the air!

This boy loves to run, play chase me, leap through the air and just have fun!  Are you looking for a cheeky chap who will put a smile on your face with his antics?

Flint would prefer his own home where he could be the only dog, left for a few hours during the day or homed with older teenagers.

No cats please.

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