Gael Has Been Homed


Gael has been homed – 19/7/20.

Gael is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 16th June 2020 and she was born on 24th of August 2015.

She is a small, very timid, black, female but once she gains her confidence this girl is very playful with you!

Gael currently has a lot of fears, about this big world that she is starting to explore.  She takes her time to gain trust from anyone but once this is established she is very sweet and enjoys snuggles with her human friends.  She’ll probably get on your lap if she wanted to!

She is going to have a lot to learn and overcome when she finds her own family.  Gael can be reluctant to get out of the car when visiting new places, she needs support to leave her cozy bed in the car.  We are looking for a no nonsense family who can show her that the outside world is fun and there is a lot to see.

This girl loves to play and will chase after you, she is learning how much fun she can have with toys. Gael enjoys chasing after a soft toy, tennis ball and is very excited if she hears a squeaky one, she hasn’t, as of yet worked out where the sound is coming from!

Our little girl is growing in confidence every day, with familiar people, she is now play bowing at them and enjoys playing her game of darting backwards and forwards towards them “you can’t catch me” play!

Gael needs to find a family who are calm, patient and are either around most of the day or she has another dog around, to help her gain confidence.  It will take her some time to settle in to her new home but you will be rewarded with her enjoyable character that is waiting to be unlocked!

It would be of a benefit for her to have her own special place in the house, where she can feel calm and safe.  We would recommend that you purchase a crate as her own ‘safe’ place, where she can come out of it when she would like but, can retreat to it if she feels scared over a noise or new people in the house.

Tongue fail!

She does enjoy going out for walks with familiar people however she can be spooked very quickly so a tight collar is needed for this little girl!

Gael will need to learn a few manners in her new home, a bit of a counter surfer! We are currently teaching her that this is not acceptable behaviour.

She is looking for a family which consist of adults only, a family who have time, to use, to support this little one becoming more confident, ignoring those bad habits that’s she has and rewarding her for those positive stepping stone movements that she is making.

Gael has been tested with smaller dogs and with careful introduction could live with another breed or a greyhound as a friend.

No cats.

This little lady needs to find the right home, we need to be ensured that her attributes are going to be met by the family and the home environment.  We are therefore asking, if you are interested in her please enquire but please don’t be offended if we suggest a different dog instead.

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