Droopy Has Been Homed


Droopy has been homed – 27/6/20.

Droopy is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 4th June 2020 and he was born on the 13th May 2018, a real baby!

He is a friendly boy, he always has a smile on his face and you may even get his smile as he walks towards you!  He doesn’t know which part of his body he should show his happiness through with his wiggly bottom too!

Droopy enjoys going out for walks, can get a little unsure if there are loud noises but will walk nicely with you.  He can be strong if his chase instinct is triggered by some passing wildlife big or small!

He loves to chase after thrown toys, his favourite being soft ones.

This lad doesn’t always know what to do with them when they have stopped though!

Droopy loves running around with his human friends, he will play bow at you to get you to play with him.  He is such a loveable chap with a fantastic character and he will share his nutty side with you too!

Droopy play bowing to you.

This boy can get very excited meeting other dogs, he needs to learn some manners about how to greet others and to keep his four feet on the floor.  He will continue to be trained around smaller dogs and his new owners will be shown by Greyhound Lifeline techniques to use, to train this loveable chap.  He is a quick learner and he should make progress quite quickly.

Being young Droopy has more energy than some of our older guys!  If you enjoy being out and about than this is the boy for you, otherwise Droopy will amuse himself with a kong (especially if it has something smelly inside)!

This lad would be best suited to a home with teenagers or an adult only home.

He is very responsive to his handler, once he trusts them and is learning new commands in his small dog training classes. He has even learnt his name and will happily run to you for some attention.

He is a boy who loves his food, he has an appetite that can go on and on!

Anyone interested in adopting Droopy should contact the rehoming team who can update you on his progress around other dogs.

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