Jordy Has Been Homed


Jordy was born on the 16th October 2015 and has now been homed to a family with a lurcher and a cat.

He is a friendly, blue male who is becoming familiar with his new surroundings.

Jordy enjoys going out for walks, he will trot alongside you and enjoys all that he sees.

He will greet new people with a waggy tail and is polite with his manners!

Jordy especially enjoys going out for car journeys and will jump in the back of a car with ease.

He has met our other breeds of doggie friends and again he shows them his politeness with his manners and greets them all well.  Jordy has been cat tested and passed, his new owners now need to take on his training around their cats until he has fully accepted them as part of the family.

Jordy enjoys being around people, he hasn’t learnt what fun you can have with toys, just yet but we are sure this will come in time.  He could live as an only dog or with a companion.  Jordy could live with children over the age of 8 years.

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