Ricardo Has Been Homed


Ricardo was born on the 4th February 2017 and has now been homed – 9/11/19.

He is a friendly, tall, white and blue male who just wants to snuggle up to someone for a cuddle!  A very affectionate boy indeed!

Ricardo enjoys walking time, however he can be a bit strong at the beginning of the walk but once out, he relaxes and enjoys his outings with his human friends.

He also enjoys his car trips and finds jumping in the car very easy!

Ricardo knows his name and will come to you when called if he hasn’t been distracted by some interesting wildlife!  He loves to watch and chase after squirrels.

“I’m coming!”

He has met our doggie friends and with careful introductions he enjoys playing with other breeds of dog.

Ricardo with our small dog friends.

Ricardo is very tall and can be a little bit boisterous with his friendly play.

Ricardo with our training dogs.

Ricardo enjoys playing, he will chase after a thrown toy and will bring it back to you to be thrown again, what a clever boy!

He also enjoys running round and round but watch out as this lads breaking and dodging skills are not perfect yet!

Ricardo could live with another dog or be an only dog, left for a few hours during the day or homed with children over the age of 8 years.

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