Lola Has Been Homed


Lola 1

Lola has been homed.

She is an average sized, white and black female with a friendly and confident nature who was born in July 2009.

Lola walks nicely on a lead, but she does have a keen chase instinct so her handler needs to have quick responses to correct and stop her taking advantage of the situation.

She is a people loving girl, happy to play with toys, with you, have a cuddle or just watch what is going on. Commonly known as “Licky Lola” at the kennels as she’s very partial to giving you sloppy kisses. She does have a problem with self control mind and in her excitement she also “mouths” at times. Whilst this is non-aggressive it an undesirable trait since people unfamiliar with the behaviour may read it as biting.

Lola has met other breeds of dog and at this point needs significantly more socialisation and training before viewing non-greyhounds as friends. With greyhounds she is a sociable girl.

Due to her lack of all breed social skills at this point we will only consider letting Lola be adopted by a very knowledgable and thoroughly determined family. She is challenging and very stubborn in some respects, but we are working on her problems in conjunction with our behaviourists and hope to report improvements before too long.

Lola would be best in a home with teenage children or adults only.

Lola 2


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