Lycan Has Been Homed


Lycan was born on 1st July 2014 and he has now been homed – 2/3/19.

He is a tall, handsome, gentle and friendly lad who just wants to have fun!

A very loving, bouncy boy, who just wants attention from his human friends.  He has wonderfully long, pointy ears!

Lycan needs to learn not to counter surf but he is a quick learner and listens well to his trainer.

He can walk nicely on a lead, once the walk has started and is well behaved in a car too.

Lycan needs further socialisation and training around smaller breeds but we are sure this is achievable quite quickly. He would be fine as an only pet or as a companion to a laid back female (medium size or above) in a home with/out children over the age of 8 years and he’d be fine to be left unattended for a few hours.

He has shown little interest in toys so far, he will chase after a toy thrown but is not sure what to do once it stops moving!  Lycan’s favourite game is ‘chase me, chase me’ with his human friends.

Lycan enjoys running around and acting like a clown!  He’s long legs sometimes move faster than his body, he is full of character and now just needs to find a family to share his love for life with.  Could he be your next greyhound?

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