Moose Has Been Homed


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Moose has been homed.

He’s sharing his foster home with a variety of other shapes, sizes and ages of dog.

He is a very large sized black and white castrated male who we believe to be around 12 years old (date of birth to be confirmed still).

Moose is a mature gentle giant of a dog, in wonderful condition for his age apart from his teeth which we will attend to just as soon as a vet appointment for a dental can be made.

He has just the one naughty habit and that is “counter surfing” so you’d need to keep your food in cupboards and the fridge etc when this lad is around. Being rather tall it is easy for him to help himself to snacks off the worktops.

A desperate change of circumstances have forced his previous owner to give him up after 10 years with them. A very sad situation, but one where the people made the only choice they could for Moose’s well being.

Moose is lovely on a lead, off the lead and he does party tricks and recall too!

He has successfully lived with cats, is familiar with horses and is fine around children although he’s never lived with them.

Being an older chap he would probably be best suited to children old enough to understand that an elderly dog appreciates his sleep and doesn’t want to be pestered for play all day long.

Moose joined us on 31/05/14 so more information about him and a photograph will appear as soon as possible.

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