Open Day Report

This is a very brief page update to keep you informed until a new page can be drafted. It’s been a very long, but rewarding day. Please have patience for the full report on today and associated photos.

Our Kennel Open Day went extremely well. We managed to raise the magnificent sum of £2117.57 to support the greyhound in our care.

We have a huge number of people to thank, all of whom played a part in making today a success. We are extremely privileged to have a fantastic team of volunteers who made today possible – well done one and all – great team work.

More good news is that Freddie found a home today and he’s already left us to join two other previously homed ex-Lifeline greyhounds and their human family. Lola as well has been reserved as of today and further enquiries for other greyhounds are in hand.

Homed Greyhounds:

Freddie, Lenny, Anna, Alfie, Nimrod and Lottie were the lucky greyhounds who found homes during May.

Reserved Greyhounds:

Nelson, Lola and Queenie are reserved.

New Arrivals:

Swift, Moose, Jessica, Barry and Sam are our latest arrivals. Information about them along with all our other available greyhounds can be found in our Adoption Gallery.

Greyhounds in Foster Care:

Jet, Roger, Rosie, Moose and Tipsy are in foster care. If one of our foster dogs interests you as a potential new family member then you simply need to call us and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient date and time for you to meet him/her.

Used Postage Stamp and Ink Cartridge Appeal:

Many of you may already know that the Retired Greyhound Trust collect used postage stamps to raise funds for the greyhounds in their care. For some of you collecting the occasional stamp here and there and finally getting around to posting a collection off may be a bit of a nuisance.

Foster Home Appeal:

We need more foster homes. Ideally we are looking for foster homes within easy traveling distance of Fleet, Wokingham, Alton or Southampton as we have trusted volunteer team members in those areas who would be able to assist with viewings if a trip to the kennels was not possible.

We prefer foster carers who have some experience of dog ownership and training. Homes without cats and young children are especially sought because homes with young children and/or cats or inexperience dog handlers severely restrict our options of the greyhounds we could place with you.

If greyhound fostering is of interest to you, then please visit our fostering information page to see if it could be the route for you.

Lungworm can kill!

Please be aware of Lungworm, it’s a killer that many of you won’t necessarily have heard of. It is spreading fast in the UK and many dogs have already died from it. Don’t panic however as Lungworm is very easy to prevent and equally if diagnosed early it can be treated very successfully too. Late diagnosis of Lungworm does not always have a happy ending however.

The following link will take you to a Lungworm Information site. For preventative treatment of lungworm you will need to contact your vet. Treatment/prevention of Lungworm is by prescription medication only.

Fundraise for us using eBay:

You can now sell items on ebay and choose to donate between 10% and 100% of your sale price to Greyhound Lifeline. If you are an ebay member you could also simply donate by using your Paypal account. For ebay members only please visit their Sell for Charity page and enter “Greyhound Lifeline” in the Charity name area.

If you are a UK tax payer please also tick the Gift Aid box. Please read ebay’s terms and conditions carefully as we cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter. Could you sell your unwanted items and help us to buy food, provide veterinary care and generally look after the greyhounds in our care at the same time?

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