Kennel Open Day 08.06.2014

A photographic record of our 2014 Kennel Open Day on sunday 8th June 2014.

The weather was excellent, we had a good crowd turn up and we managed to raise £2667 to support the greyhound in our care.

With grateful thanks to Mark, our volunteer photographer on the day for letting us publish his pictures.

IMG_1784_tn IMG_1785_tn IMG_1786_tn IMG_1787_tn IMG_1774_tn IMG_1775_tn IMG_1776_tn IMG_1777_tn IMG_1778_tn_tn IMG_1779_tn IMG_1780_tn IMG_1781_tn IMG_1783_tn IMG_1767_tn IMG_1768_tn IMG_1769_tn IMG_1770_tn IMG_1771_tn IMG_1772_tn IMG_1773_tn IMG_1760_tn IMG_1761_tn IMG_1762_tn IMG_1763_tn IMG_1764_tn IMG_1765_tn IMG_1766_tn IMG_1751_tn IMG_1752_tn IMG_1754_tn IMG_1755_tn IMG_1756_tn IMG_1757_tn IMG_1758_tn IMG_1759_tn IMG_1741_tn IMG_1742_tn IMG_1745_tn IMG_1746_tn IMG_1747_tn IMG_1748_tn IMG_1749_tn IMG_1750_tn IMG_1732_tn IMG_1733_tn IMG_1734_tn IMG_1735_tn IMG_1736_tn IMG_1737_tn IMG_1738_tn IMG_1739_tn IMG_1740_tn IMG_1723_tn IMG_1724_tn IMG_1725_tn IMG_1726_tn IMG_1727_tn IMG_1728_tn IMG_1729_tn IMG_1730_tn IMG_1731_tn IMG_1715_tn IMG_1716_tn IMG_1717_tn IMG_1718_tn IMG_1719_tn IMG_1720_tn IMG_1721_tn IMG_1722_tn IMG_1706_tn IMG_1707_tn IMG_1708_tn IMG_1709_tn IMG_1710_tn IMG_1712_tn IMG_1713_tn IMG_1714_tn IMG_1698_tn IMG_1699_tn IMG_1700_tn IMG_1701_tn IMG_1702_tn_tn_tn IMG_1702_tn IMG_1703_tn IMG_1704_tn IMG_1705_tn IMG_1690_tn IMG_1691_tn IMG_1692_tn IMG_1693_tn IMG_1694_tn IMG_1695_tn IMG_1696_tn IMG_1697_tn IMG_1683_tn IMG_1684_tn IMG_1685_tn IMG_1686_tn IMG_1687_tn IMG_1688_tn IMG_1689_tn IMG_1677_tn IMG_1678_tn IMG_1679_tn IMG_1680_tn IMG_1681_tn IMG_1682_tn IMG_1669_tn IMG_1670_tn IMG_1671_tn IMG_1672_tn IMG_1673_tn IMG_1674_tn IMG_1675_tn IMG_1676_tn IMG_1663_tn IMG_1664_tn IMG_1665_tn IMG_1666_tn IMG_1667_tn IMG_1668_tn IMG_1653_tn IMG_1654_tn IMG_1655_tn IMG_1656_tn IMG_1657_tn IMG_1658_tn IMG_1659_tn IMG_1660_tn IMG_1661_tn IMG_1662_tn IMG_1645_tn IMG_1646_tn IMG_1647_tn IMG_1648_tn IMG_1649_tn IMG_1650_tn IMG_1651_tn IMG_1652_tn IMG_1637_tn IMG_1638_tn IMG_1639_tn IMG_1640_tn IMG_1641_tn IMG_1642_tn IMG_1643_tn IMG_1644_tn IMG_1629_tn_tn_tn_tn IMG_1629_tn IMG_1630_tn IMG_1631_tn IMG_1632_tn IMG_1633_tn IMG_1634_tn IMG_1635_tn IMG_1636_tn IMG_1621_tn IMG_1622_tn IMG_1623_tn IMG_1624_tn IMG_1625_tn IMG_1626_tn IMG_1627_tn IMG_1628_tn IMG_1614_tn IMG_1615_tn IMG_1616_tn IMG_1617_tn IMG_1618_tn IMG_1619_tn IMG_1620_tn IMG_1607_tn IMG_1608_tn IMG_1609_tn IMG_1610_tn IMG_1611_tn IMG_1612_tn IMG_1613_tn IMG_0307_tn IMG_0308_tn IMG_0309_tn IMG_0310_tn IMG_0311_tn IMG_0312_tn IMG_0313_tn IMG_0314_tn IMG_1606_tn IMG_0299_tn IMG_0300_tn IMG_0301_tn IMG_0302_tn IMG_0303_tn IMG_0304_tn IMG_0305_tn IMG_0306_tn IMG_0291_tn IMG_0292_tn IMG_0293_tn IMG_0294_tn IMG_0295_tn IMG_0296_tn IMG_0297_tn IMG_0298_tn

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